Aspire V5-552g Driver

That is, for example, often the case in computer games. The sound is overall acceptable. Opening the lid with one hand is possible. Thus, the Aspire remains slightly behind its possibilities in multi-thread applications.

All said, tsstcorp cddvdw sh-s202h drivers for windows 7 the Aspire offers good battery runtimes. Our test report reveals whether the Aspire convinces in everyday use.

Drivers for Acer Aspire V5-552G Laptop

Acer Aspire V5-552G Drivers

It also scores with small things like the backlit keyboard. The laptop operates quietly during idle, and provides good battery runtimes. Instead, it sports a mini-DisplayPort. The screen's viewing angle stability is within the usual range of low-budget laptops. There is no maintenance cover.

Users who want to upgrade the Aspire should equip the laptop with a solid state drive. The installed drivers and applications can be backed up separately. Nevertheless, it is possible to determine whether single applications are to be performed with the dual-graphics solution in the driver menu.

Acer Aspire V5-552G Drivers

We did not experience any transmission issues. After removing all the screws on the bottom, the underside can be carefully lifted off with a putty knife available in a home-improvement center. The resistance is also acceptable. The fan is only audible in very quiet surroundings. We think this is due to the weaker dual-graphics solution in the Asus laptop.

Acer Aspire 5552G Drivers Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)

The base unit's upper side is metal. The keyboard at most yields marginally while typing on it, but that does not have an adverse impact on writing. For the original German review, see here. This also applies to the lid to a much higher extent.

Besides routine tasks, such as video playback, office work, Internet browsing, etc. They produce a rich sound that, however, lacks bass. Things were slower when we performed the stress test in battery mode.

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The base unit's upper side is made of the light metal, and although the lid's back features brushed aluminum looks, it is plastic. The webcam produces a slightly snowy picture with a resolution of up to x pixels.

The two chips form a so-called Crossfire array, i. Please share our article, every link counts! Acer's Recovery Management software is installed for this purpose. Replacing the hard drive is no problem. The load runtime is ascertained using Battery Eater's Classic test with maximum screen brightness, high-performance profile, and enabled wireless modules.

Consequently, no cables will impair the areas on the wrist rest's left and right. Acer treats the Aspire to a backlit chiclet keyboard. Acer uses a dual-graphics solution in its Aspire. The four cores consistently fluctuated between these speeds. The light can only be turned on or off.

The dual-graphics, however, does not really add an advantage in games. Our review sample is completely black.

It is only laid in the casing, and can be taken out directly. These color spaces are, for example, important for professional image editing. The system runs smoothly and without glitches. Nevertheless, it is not too difficult to access the hardware.

Acer uses a combination of plastic and brushed aluminum for its Aspire. Accessories The laptop comes with a quick-start poster, quick-start guide, and warranty information. It is only secured with one screw, and plugged into the motherboard.

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Acer uses matte surfaces allover. Its sleek surface allows the fingers to glide effortlessly. These rates are acceptable for a rpm hard drive. None of the devices heat up excessively.

The casing can be warped a bit on the base unit's front. The image quickly distorts when the horizontal viewing angle is altered. After all, the laptop sports a lot of high-performance hardware that needs cooling. The first alternative for higher gaming power is the Latitude.