975d Titanium Driver

These clubs have seen normal use usually several seasons but are in better than average shape for that particular model club. May have a few brush marks but otherwise perfect. Our most accurate hitter, a power-fader, has yet to find a predictable groove when moving the ball left-to-right.

Titleist 975D Drivers

Grooves are still sharp and in great condition. The Grafalloy responded well only to high-velocity swings. Power fades have turned to pulls with great regularity. Titleist decided that the time had come to make a change, much to the chagrin of many Titleist devotees. Certificate of Authenticity.

Consequently, mishit yardage is less of a factor. Such scratches are common on polished soles with most Callaway Golf painted woods. How to Choose the Right Golf Driver. Outlet condition clubs have never been hit.

May have ball marks or pop-up marks where the paint meets the crown. They have been hit very few times, if at all, and show almost no wear. Wind-cheating, frozen ropes have been simple to produce. The older D had a decidedly muted feel and sound that was unique to Titleist.

Titleist D Driver


Paint may be missing in areas. The trajectory penetrates well and has shown no tendency to balloon. Normal scratches from shot impacts that will not affect performance. Those who want low screamers will want a lower loft and a different shaft choice.

This fact has given the J an overall distance rating that is slightly shorter than some of the more forgiving drivers. Light wear from where club has brushed through the grass in play.

You'll be surprised sometimes the distance you'll get, sometimes as good as my reg. Grooves will have typical wear from frequent play and nicks that will not affect playability. They are now selling at reduced prices. The ProLite has gained due to a more piercing trajectory and extra roll. Toe shots have often died an early death.

Typical scratches from heavy use but no imperfections that will affect performance. Both clubs keep him center to center-left.

The club is understatedly attractive and elegant in a subdued way. Titleist is also an extremely strong leader in the golf ball market. Even our diehard faders could produce predictable draws that carried for ample distance. The head isn't obese so it doesn't look like you're swinging a melon. These clubs may have been refinished at some point.

Perfect sharp grooves with scoring lines and paint fully intact. Those with sound, inside-out swings have produced some very good overall patterns. All in all, it's pretty awesome. Distances we have seen have been quite good. Graphics may be worn off in places and paint may have worn away.

Might have some small chips or scratches but will not be visible without close inspection. This one is helping visitors to download drivers for free.

On the test range, the differences between the two shafts have been readily obvious. It has produced more subtle flight curvatures and has had a better feel of control to it.

The cchead size gives you a high launch angle and a low spin rate produces a more penetrating trajectory. The seller has relisted this item or one like this. Normal scratches and nicks from rubbing other clubs that affect appearance, but not the playability of the club. The differences have been pronounced.

They may have a few scratches if you look closely but will still look like the newest club in most bags. Many equated it to persimmon. They have had trouble keeping them in the center of the fairway with the softer, Titleist shaft, however. These clubs are nearly impossible to differentiate from new.

Titleist 975D Drivers

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Normal scratches from a couple of seasons of use. Paint chips more prevalent in areas from rubbing against other clubs in the bag but no dents or damage that will affect performance.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this titleist d titanium. While still not near the high-pitched, ringing sound and feel that many rival drivers produce, the J is much more titanium feeling than is the D. Read more titleist d titanium the condition. The J driver has a thin face which will return more energy to the ball for more distance. At impact, genius cp sf600 drivers the feel typical of Titleist drivers is no longer present.

Titleist d driver

Most mid- to high-handicap golfers move the ball to the right and will not be able to make the adjustments necessary to accommodate such swing changes as mentioned above, however. This is one the best driver we have hit in quite some time. Overall, both versions of the J have received mixed marks for reliability.