5687 Interstage Driver

That said, performance in the midrange, where vocals lie and the ear is most sensitive, is good. We advise you consult a tech to confirm or deny this will work for your intended purpose. At high frequencies, parasitics mostly inter- and intra-winding capacitance comes into play. It also illustrates two of the other major improvements that were set up during the above period. Forget it and buy on price, the easiest and most common route out, and for items that you will have no emotional attachment to, why not?

Since the amp uses fixed bias, you really need a way to measure the plate current. That way you were able to keep the old transformer and have a new coil in it. Click here to return to the desktop version of this site.

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When looking in the radio you can't tell it has new transformers. These documents may not be reproduced in any manner without the permission of the copyright owner. Today, Hashimoto Electric produces not only various traditional transformers that Sansui pioneered many years ago, but also high-end tube amp transformers under its own brand name. The original transformer was potted in tar in a can on top of the chassis. Hi, unfortunately the only information we have on the transformer is what is stated above.

2A3/45 and B Single Ended Amplifier Inter Stage Trans-drive D.I.Y

The first was a separate rectifier and power supply for the input and driver stage. Who is Hashimoto Electric anyway?

If you take the radio out of the cabinet you can see the new wires, but that is okay. The second option is to buy some magazines and try and read up, in what is almost certainly a vain attempt to discover something useful. However having an inductor filtered power supply, as most are, does not bring sonic heaven, it is not the be all and end all of a good amplifier. If not a recommendation please! Attention was then redirected towards the power supplies.

2 TUBE INTERSTAGE Transformers A B EL34 KT88 2A3

2 TUBE INTERSTAGE Transformers A B EL34 KT88 2A3

For many of us this is not really a problem, why worry about the hows and wherefores, all that matters is the job it does. Now, we are expanding our horizon into the hi-fi hardware business by introducing the best products available in the world. These transformers will work in about any s radio.

This is biased heavily into class A, at about mA per pair. This is basically the stage at which the Arcadia amplifiers were developed. The output stage is a matched pair of B tubes. The amp sounded much much better.

The transformers fit inside the two metal cans that the original transformers were in. The choke input filter was then quickly applied to the bias supply with similar results. For the relatively low cost and ease of construction it is an excellent project.

ANK Audiokits - Interstage Coupled Amps

For some time I had been using a choke smoothed power supply. They are an inexpensive fix for most radios from the s and can be used in other applications. The result is a very good balance of dynamics, control, power, scale, clarity and long term listening pleasure. The best solution I have found so far is to use the best components possible in this area, in an effort to reduce the negative effects of electrolytic capacitors and silicon rectifiers.

It sounded sweet, large, dynamic, effortless and utterly musical. Over the past years the realm of cutting edge electronics has inevitably passed from the individual to the corporate world.

The Karna Amplifier2A3/45 and B Single Ended Amplifier Inter Stage Trans-drive D.I.YA pair of Interstage Transformers Hashimoto A-107 for 6SN7 12AU7 ECC82

Spurred on by these ideas I set about building a single B amplifier utilising an interstage transformer to drive the grid of the B. Separate power supplies for the driver and output stages, and the adoption of fixed bias have resulted in greater control, clarity, dynamics and scale.

The limitation comes mostly from the magnetics - the plate choke on the first stage, and the interstage transformer, dell m6400 esata driver both contribute. For many years Japanese transformer companies such as Tango and Tamura have been building Interstage Driver Transformers.

For almost all of these devises we only have a passing understanding, at best, of how they function. Because our business is entirely based on the web space, our priority is nothing but the customer satisfaction and customer support.

Most of us now live with many pieces of equipment without which life would be very different. We are not techs and are not sure if this will work in your situation. Copyright Antique Electronic Supply.

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ANK Audiokits - Interstage Coupled Amps