3ware 9690sa-4i4e Driver

That's because otherwise the power might fail in the middle of a replicated write, and then you have inconsistent data on the disks, which will bite you perhaps not right away, but eventually. SirDice Administrator Staff member. If all else fails, you may have to backup the pool as you said. It adds the hassle of having to configure each drive at the controller, with the potential of making mistakes.

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AMCC 3WARE 9690SA Installation Manual

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The on-board heat sink collects heat, and must have adequate airflow in order to disburse it. Is there a simple fix without having to backup the pool and reconfigure the drives for the new controller? What's new New posts Latest activity. Ah well, my own fault for leaping before I looked carefully enough.

No need to copy the bit version in the bit install directory this may also not work because the bit program files directory is handled specially on bit windows to keep backward compatibility. This happens on every initial power-up. If I put my old controller back in, everything works and the system boots, but the new one is having trouble bringing the drives online for some reason. Forums New posts Search forums.

Avago Technologies 3ware 9650SE-12ML (Channel) User Manual

Please repeat your tests with a bit version of smartctl. There is no redundancy, nor performance improvement from striping over multiple drives.

Simply unzip the archive to a directory on the desktop and run smartctl. You'll have to spend some time with Google. When the plug is inserted correctly, you will feel it click into place. Replacing The Battery This will require removing the controller card from your enclosure. Other than that, asrock p4i65g lan driver the system is up and running.

Came back here to post the tests and saw this post. Replacing the factory-installed heat sink will void the warranty.

How much memory does your card have? Then you power the machine up by mistake with the drive missing. Please make sure that all tests are run with full admin rights. An oops on my part, apparently my controller is seen as sdf by smartctl. Using an incorrect cable can result in drives that are not detected.

See TracTickets for help on using tickets. It is important that the cables do not obstruct the air flow or prevent proper ventilation of the system. Before further investigation another test with a bit version of smartctl needs to be done. Press down on the top of the battery module to free the clip on the bottom of the module. That one is going to be fun to debug, and not fun to fix!

Solved - 3Ware SA-4I4E - Drives Offline

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Unlike some other apps the smartctl.

But while the power is down, you have to take one of the drives out maybe you did what I did and spilled some soda on the machine and it needs to be cleaned. Pricing is decent, although slightly more than the Broadcom ones.

3ware User guide

It's been years since I last used make, so as soon as I get that figured out and get a proper install of r I'll post those two examples. Replacing the heat sink will alter thermal characteristics and cooling requirements and may cause the controller to fail. You have a sudden power failure while writes were occurring.

Solved - 3Ware SA-4I4E - Drives Offline

And the buffer cache in the operating system will be used more efficiently, because the file system knows what's important and what isn't. And how much memory does your computer have? My suggestions were only in case such a utility isn't readily available. Note that the remote battery board does not have a connector that inserts into a slot on the motherboard. When the cable is inserted correctly, you will feel it click into place.

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So the performance gain is not always big. While pressing down on the top of the battery module, lift out the bottom of the battery module slightly. Drives may be of any capacity or physical form factor. Tried the first one and the output was the same as my test, so it appears it works both ways.