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No waiting period, no paperwork or claims process. Avoid excessive pressure during preparation of the bone site. The Asyst Abutment Placement Tool provides fingertip control for fast and easy abutment delivery.

The prosthesis can be screw or cement retained to the abutment. Available in titanium, titanium nitride coating and zirconia. Are you interested in other dental implant types, too? If you need any additional treatment, your savings will be even larger.

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The plastic seating device facilitates precise placement of the abutment on the implant, thus reducing chair time. Purchaser shall assume responsibility for all subsequent delivery or shipping charges.

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The unique Twist Lock Feature provides a series of undercuts to guide the coping into the impression for stability. The bars can be made on most major dental implants and abutments. This accuracy is achieved from an impression of the Encode Healing Abutment. This shorter engagement in the implant is important because it allows off-axis draw for impressions of divergent implants. Some products may not be available outside of the United States.

The purchase of the products and these Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Florida, without regard to conflicts of law principles. Improper technique can lead to implant failure, loss of supporting bone, restoration fracture, screw loosening and aspiration. Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed dentist or physician. Require advance payment or letter of credit. This portfolio includes tools for marketing, professional education and patient awareness education.

Physiological and anatomic conditions may negatively affect the performance of dental implants. Temporary Healing Retention Cylinder Retains denture with soft tissue liner. Click here to read more about this offer!

Other restorative components are manufactured from titanium, titanium alloy, gold alloy, stainless steel and a variety of polymers. This unique hexorientation feature is especially beneficial when immediately loading single tooth cases, cement-retained cases and cases where angulation correction is required. No polishing or retention creation necessary.

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The prices set forth for the products are in United States Dollars. As the drilling speed varies based on the instrument and the surgical procedure, recommendations for speed can be found in the Surgical Manual. Minimizing trauma to the bone and surrounding tissue enhances the potential for successful osseointegration. These are intended for use to support single and multiple tooth prostheses, in the mandible or maxilla. Because these are milled from one solid piece of lightweight titanium, dfe-690txd windows 7 driver the potential for weakness caused by soldering or laser welded joints is eliminated.

All products are under a warranty depending on the product and rules of the company. All dental implants and some abutments are supplied sterile and are sterilized by an appropriate validated method. The advertised devices may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian Law.

Proper occlusion should be evaluated on the implant restoration to avoid excessive force. These implants can be used for immediate function on multiple or single tooth to achieve better primary stability. Placement of dental implants may be precluded by patient conditions that are contraindications for surgery.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. They result in considerable superior integration as compared to the other types.

The NanoTite and OsseoTite dental implants are the names of these popular types. They help you gain your lost smile back and retain it forever. These also allow for occlusal loading of single and multiple unit restorations of integrated implants for guided soft tissue healing. Do not use sterile products if the packaging has been damaged or previously opened.

Devices should be stored at room temperature. Utilize continuous irrigation with a cool, sterile irrigating solution to avoid excessive damage to the surrounding tissue and to prevent compromising osseointegration. The system includes the abutment, abutment screw and plastic seating device.

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The NanoTite implant integrates a very sophisticated architecture at the nano scale allowing a surface with excellent bone bonding. Excessive force applied to the dental implant should be avoided during the healing period. Any shipment of products shall be deemed to be on the terms and conditions stated herein. The company boasts of the best material used for the manufacture of the implants so that they are durable and stable for a lifetime.

How to Save on Dental Implants? As a result, the copings lock into orientation grooves upon clockwise rotation, thereby allowing a tactile sensation of resistance that ensures an accurate hex transfer. Law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Products sold hereunder shall be delivered F. In the event of any failure or delay resulting from such causes, an equitable adjustment of delivery and any other appropriate terms and conditions shall be made.

Thank you for your patronage! Other Dental Implant Brands Are you interested in other dental implant types, too? For specific product description and net quantity, refer to individual product labels.

It is recommended that small diameter implants not be restored with angled abutments in the molar region. Products of equal or lesser value within the same product family as determined by. Conditions are governed by the laws of Florida, without regard to conflicts of law principles. The prostheses can be screw or cement retained to the abutment. Please ensure that as many implants as necessary are used for a fully stable restoration.


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For a detailed explanation of the procedural precautions refer to the Surgical Manual. You receive a completed superstructure ready for prosthesis processing.

They also reduce the chances of soft tissue infection allowing good load distribution and better soft tissue health. The surgical and restorative techniques required to properly utilize these devices are highly specialized and complex procedures. Ordering Information Some products may not be available outside the U. Any and all terms and conditions submitted by Purchaser are hereby rejected. Refer to individual product labels and the Surgical Manual for special storage or handling conditions.

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