3c509b-tpo Dos Driver

You'll also want to use a mouse for this, so be sure to follow the mouse driver instructions above to get that setup. Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee an optimal order. Sound Blaster stuff These are various variables and configuration utilities setup by my sound card. SmartDrive is a bit more complicated. This generally shouldn't be needed, though.

This will let you verify that your sound card is installed and working properly. This is a fairly random collection of utilities I found while researching this project that I consider useful or interesting. It was a commercial program, but as noted above it's long since been abandoned, so grab a copy if you're so inclined and let's get to work.

Follow Follow this discussion and email me when there are updates Stop following this discussion. There is some hope and it's not Windows for such a machine to peek at the Internet.

Each should generally be set as low as possible to reduce memory, without going too low as to adversely affect your system. Installation and configuration is a bit wonky, so I recommend reading the included ansiplus.

Finally, add the following line to autoexec. Set the video options to your preference.

Using this base, you can install additional applications, games, utilities, drivers, etc. After a four year hiatus, it very recently had a new release, so it's good to see that it's still under active development. This is verified in two different machines. Configure environment based on config. Verify the suggested settings are sensible and hit Enter to continue.

Getting this up and running is extremely helpful because it largely eliminates the need for floppy disks. You can choose to have it automatically update autoexec. If you don't need it available at the start of every boot, you can disable it from autoexec. Up next is the network configuration.

It's almost like I know what I'm doing but that's not true! This will perform a clean boot of the system, ignoring your autoexec. Edit the values as appropriate, then save and close the file. Auto-detection should generally work fine, though.

Rebuilding and enhancing it from a hardware perspective was a fun experience, and now I'm doing the same from a software perspective. You can run the above with the set command to activate, then run dir to test the results. Cleaning the drive doesn't help. Next we'll install a mouse driver. You'll then be prompted for some system configuration changes.

My particular configuration is geared toward providing optimal settings for various games. RawWrite is a simple way to do this in Windows. This is handy because it let's you easily change system settings by rebooting and choosing the new configuration rather than modifying config.


Sound Card Driver Next up is sound. Reboot load the network drivers. Finally, ess technology es1983s driver reboot to load the new driver.

Whew, now that we're finally finished with networking, everything else should be a breeze in comparison. We'll need to reboot to activate the sound card, so do that now. This is also a good time to decide whether or not you want to automatically map shared drives on boot.

3Com 3CB TPO Ethernet Network Adapter / NIC
3Com EtherLink III ISA (3C/3Cb) in ISA mode - Forums

Substitute the appropriate values for your network, and be sure to separate the octets with spaces as shown above rather than periods as would be done on modern systems. Required Question General discussion. At this point it's time to do some configuration cleanup and memory optimization. Now it's time to finally configure networking.

Since it's free, though, there really isn't a good reason to not upgrade. For reference, here's my config. So, unless you plan on running an application or game that uses a mouse, you can skip this. Installation is a bit involved, but not too complicated.

To install the driver, copy cdromdrv. To try it yourself, just run qbasic. If you wish to have access to a spell checker and thesaurus, copy the larger pedit.

The key thing is that I did not buy from eBay. You can then edit them as appropriate to fix the problem, and reboot to load everything again. The program list in the bottom pane seems like the most interesting part to me. There are a couple additional points to be aware of. Old adapter and new cable are good.

Can an old programmer who can't spell instructions original post enter all the correct parameters for fixed addresses and more? Feel free to leave everything uppercase if that works for you, though.

Consider changing the following in config. If you only need one or the other, though, save yourself the hassle and go with that one. Since this is of somewhat limited practical use I won't spend much time covering the details, but it's a quite nice remote-access solution if that's something you need.

3Com 3C509B Ethernet Adapter

This is by far the best such utility I've found, is one of the only such utilities that is completely free and not crippled, and is even under reasonably active development. Helmig on the internet site to get this far. We're requesting that they load themselves into high memory. My tweaked version shows the same information, but the prompt is now blue instead of white.


This is not a crisis but an affirmation of giant advacements. It's just a case of operator confusion and inexperience. Basic installation is quite easy.