335th Ord Bn Driver

In addition, the unit has provided special ized support for aviation units from as far north as Da Nang to as far south as Soc Trang. The second type of recovery is known as a Field Extraction and involves disabled aircraft that have been forced down beyond the safety of base camp perimeters.

We worked out of three mobile expandable connected duece and a halfs while in Yungdungpo. All the aircraft parts that we had on were inventoried on this system and I was the repairman. My dad and I have been trying to search for my grandfather since when we came to America under the Amerasian program.

Going thru pics on this site brings back a lot of memories. For more on the event, check out the Traveller next week! Commanded by Captain Michael R. The battalion has direct support companies in Long Thanh and Vinh Long, while the remaining three subordinate units are located with the headquarters in Vung Tau. How much interest would there be.

No matter the answer, please be safe and watch out for your buddies! Army Women's Museum archivist. My office had a very faded red cross symbol - probably a medical facility for the French.

Check out this influenza ward exhibit at the renovated Army Women's Museum after the grand reopening ceremony Friday, Nov. He was with d company, first air cav. Marine, Vietnamese, and Korean aviation units. The next row was an empty building and another troop billet. Served in the th until we closed down.

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Photo was taken from the motor pool. Please contact me at phuloicamp hotmail for reunion information. Alot of good guys served in the th at that time.

Current Location Donna, Tx. After como break I was leaning against the bunker and fell asleep. Read more on this event in this week's edition of Traveller. Unless you want the world to see it, don't post it. Just dropped by to say hello to all former Radio Researchers.

Current location San Angelo. For all you math fans out there, how many digits of Pi can you count to? My husband Bruce was there and was a company clerk and in charge of the helicipoter dispatch. Never forget those who did not come home. Now retired banker living in Arkansas.

Terry Ritter

Army Senior Enlisted Aide Advisor. Jude Coe, Fort Lee jump-rope expert featured in the Nov. Performed most of the vibration checks, so I most likely flew with you.

U.S. Army Fort Lee

Would love to hear from anyone I served with. Army Logistics Noncommissioned Officers.

President Trump Presents the Medal of Honor. To keep these aircraft out of the hands of the enemy, immediate extraction is essential. Also see Dan Thompson's web site for hundreds of photos of A Troop deployment and personnel.


His name is John Durning, I am looking for some pictures of him and his buddies. This mission includes aircraft maintenance and supply support for all Free World Forces in Vietnam.

The experience changed my life. If there is any out there who knew him in the Vietnam War, would you please get in touch with me? The command was created in July to control support and logistical units for the Army combat units in Vietnam. Not a real good idea with one of the largest heliports in the country right next to us but made us feel better. Looking for Joseph Wilber haroldheikes yahoo.

There was a bunker on the opposite side of the building. The appearance of external links on this site does not constitute official endorsement on behalf of commands at Fort Lee, the U. Champions of Peace and Nonviolence.

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United States Army Reserve Command. Hey, my all-time mentor, whats up in your world?


Army Combined Arms Support Command. Any help would be appreciated. If anyone knows of any men who were in the th from to please get in touch at samjammull aol. Hoyle, Chief of Ordnance, lauds the accomplishments of five nd Ord. We took over abondoned French quonset huts when we got there.

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